Proposals for topics to be developed

Below are our suggestions for topics to work on. In this way you will practice your English, enrich your vocabulary and maybe get interested in a topic. The topics have been chosen so that you become familiar with what is being talked about today. At the same time, this knowledge may come in handy when applying to a foreign university. Especially if an interview is part of your application and you are interested in social sciences, political science, economics or international relations.

Impact of overpopulation on the world

Is there a free media?

What are global supply chains?

Describe what the global uranium market looks like

What are cryptocurrencies?

What is the New Silk Road?

Describe the history of money?

What is artificial intelligence?

What is the conflict between the US and China?

What is inflation and the purchasing power of money?

What is the cobalt problem?

What is a culture war?

What is Metavers?

What is modern feudalism?

What are economic cycles?

What are conspiracy theories?

What is the Social Credit System for citizens in China?

What is the snowflake generation?

What do the results of the Calhoun experiment tell us?

What is postmodernism?

What is social justice?

How was the Federal Reserve Bank created?

Is gold money?

What is geopolitics?

What is a black swan?

Is it worth changing the world with a revolution?

What was the banking crisis of 2008 all about?

What is dystopia?

What is imperialism?